About five years ago, I was forced into a routine physical at the doctor’s office. This was due to new Health Insurance policies at the company that I work at. No big deal, right? Wrong! I was terrified of the doctor’s office, dreaded bloodwork and therefore hadn’t been to the doctors for a physical in nearly 21 years. At The Doctor's OfficeAnd there were some things that I knew I’d be called out on…things that I knew the doctor would “get me” on. Little did I know that there was something else lurking out there that I didn’t even know about…something I didn’t want any part of.

But, once my physical, and my doctor, brought this “condition” to my attention, everything changed for me, healthwise. I corrected this condition, and what also happened was a 20 pound weight loss…in no time at all. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight at that point, I was trying to correct something else. I still tell people today that I lost those 20 pounds…literally by accident!

I lost weight as the result of trying to correct some other medical conditions found in that overdue physical.  Over three years have now gone by and still the weight has not come back.  The best thing…I never have felt like I’ve been on any type of diet.  There are reasons for this, both physical and mental and once you get good at losing weight, you’ll fully understand what I mean. 

Over the last five years I’ve become very aware of other people who have lost weight…not just 3 or 4 pounds, but impressive 20, 30 and 40 pound “permanent” weight losses.  Many of these people were fighting the “middle age weight gain” that a lot of us know about.  A lot of them have also had vast improvements in their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  When I listen to them talk about what they did, it’s all very similar to what I found causes fast, safe weight loss.  It should have too because I learned from other peoples successes once I figured out what they did and more importantly, why it worked.

Many of us have been through the fad diet thing and  have tried and failed at one or more fad diets.  Sure, we lost weight.   But inevitably, the weight comes back, quickly and more than before, once we strayed from whatever fad diet we were held hostage to.  Success or Failure RoadsignLosing weight correctly is relatively easy, very healthy and permanent.  People just don’t know this…they just don’t know how to lose weight.

And this is basically what WeightLossYouBet is about…or why it was created.  I want to share with you exactly what I learned and what I did to stumble on a permanent, 20 pound weight loss.  Because simply put..and you’ll read this a lot on this site…it’s easy to lose weight once you learn how to do it.  It’s all about knowledge…listening to and understanding the good information. So head back to the main page and start learning!   Also, if you haven’t done so already, enter your name and email address in the box to the right so that I can send you any really good weight loss, nutrition or exercise info that I find or gather together.  I’m always looking for good information, so I’ll pass some of this on to you as I find it.

Sound good?  You can do this…this weight loss thing.   It’s not that big a deal.

To Your Success!

Andy F